Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Causes of hair loss and natural way to overcome it

The scalp loses about 100 strands of hair every day but they grow again within a few weeks.    There are many causes of hair loss; DHT causes the hair grow thinner which leads to baldness and makes the hair recede at the forehead, crown and temple for men and for women there is thinning of hair in the entire scalp.  Aging too causes hair loss in some men.  The same can be controlled by eating a healthy diet which consists of carbohydrates, green foods, garlic, onion, water and juices.
Mineral deficiency reduces blood circulation that promotes healthy hair growth and hence minerals such as calcium, iron, copper, chromium, iodine, zinc, and magnesium are necessary to maintain healthy hair growth.  Avoid foods rich in saturated fat, meat, poultry, fried foods and cigarette smoking which block the blood flow and damage arteries causing oxygen deficiency which results in weakening of the hair follicles. Eating too much salt can lead to increased blood pressure and fluid retention  that cause less oxygen to be delivered to the body's cells including cells in your scalp which will then lead to loss of hair.  Have a diet that includes whole grains, egg yolks, liver, rice and milk.
Hair loss can also be a genetic and heredity problem.  Hair loss can also be caused due to the side-effects of certain medications; however once the medication is stopped the hair growth returns to normal.
Herbal anti hair loss supplements help stop hair loss and promote hair regrowth.   It is also beneficial to the hair follicles and for overall good health. It contains natural ingredients that helps stimulate blood circulation and have the ability to block enzymes which causes DHT thereby damaging the follicles and resulting in hair loss. Restore hair loss and promote hair regrowth with safe and effective herbal supplements.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Curb hair fall in a natural way

Hair loss is rapidly increasing in both men and women and no one would like losing their hair. The causes of hair loss can be due to a variety of reasons such as hormonal imbalances, poor diet issues, heredity reasons and stress which all contribute to you losing hair. Skin diseases like dandruff or psoriasis or an illness can affect the scalp and cause falling hair; these are temporary conditions and can be fixed. The causes of hair loss of hair in women are childbirth, menopause and chemotherapy.

It is normal to lose some amount of hair daily but the problem arises when hair fall exceeds normal limits. Male pattern baldness which affects 25% of men by age 30 is linked to the male hormone testosterone (DHT) and women are troubled by female pattern baldness to a much lesser extent. 

To stop hair loss naturally one should have a healthy diet which includes plenty of Vitamins A, B, C and E that helps promote hair growth. Stress which is one of the major causes for hair loss should be reduced with the help of exercises, yoga and meditation. Stop smoking as nicotine narrows the blood vessels leading to the scalp, causing hair to fall out. 

Keep your scalp clean using a good shampoo and massage the scalp using herbal oils like narrows the blood vessels leading to the scalp, causing hair to fall out. Do not use chemical shampoos and avoid blow drying as it can damage the hair. 

Seek a natural remedy that works in harmony with your body boosting its healing and hair re-growth powers. Many people have had great success using herbal anti-hair loss supplement which has helped stop hair loss and get hair to regrow naturally without any side-effects.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Stop hair loss and grow new hair naturally

Hair loss is increasing rapidly and is becoming a common problem and the most discussed topic of health. There are various causes of hair loss like no proper nutrition as some people who suffer from disorders like anorexia and bulimia tend to lose their hair because their body isn’t getting enough protein, vitamins and minerals to sustain hair growth while others are more likely to develop iron deficiency. Secondly people use all sorts of hair treatments and styling like hair coloring, bleaching, straightening, etc. which can cause damage to the hair. Some hair styles create irritation on the scalp and damages hair follicles that results in a condition called traction alopecia. 

The other common cause for hair loss among adults includes hormones androgens and genetics and can also occur in people who take steroids like testosterone. Health problems like diabetes or thyroid and certain medications can also cause hair loss. Disruption of the hair growth cycle can occur during pregnancy, delivery of baby, surgery and trauma and can cause temporary hair loss.

Herbal anti hair loss supplements which does not require any prescription are very effective as they work by increasing circulation and disinfect the scalp in a safe way with no side-effects. These supplements contain herbs and other essential nutrients that help arrest hair fall, stimulate hair growth and lowers DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) level which is the main reason for hair loss and found to be very effective in contributing to the arrest of hair fall and re-growth of hair naturally.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Act now to stop hair loss

Today there are millions of people facing hair loss problems and this affects people on the way they look.  Most of us will experience hair loss as we grow older but if you notice that you are losing hair fast and it is getting thinner, then one should take precautions to stop this problem.   There are many causes of hair-loss and balding like disease, medications, stress, nutrition, radiation, toxic chemicals, etc. but most of the men and women experience the same hair-loss baldness due to genetics and heredity. Losing a hundred strands of hair per day is natural but if you lose an excessive amount of hair and that your hair is already becoming thin that your scalp is becoming visible, it is recommended that you take care and seek solutions. You can also stop hair loss by having a healthy diet; the hair follicles need nourishment and a proper nutritious diet will help.  

Methods like hair creams, sprays, and hair transplant can be quite expensive and also may cause side-effects and therefore if you want to stop hair loss and balding try herbal anti hair loss supplements which are a non-surgical way of combating hair loss.  It is a natural and safe way to combat hair loss and helps stimulate hair follicle and grow hair back without the use of any chemicals.

It is therefore important that you make efforts to stop hair loss now in its early stage as it is much easier of stopping it early than waiting for long to let your hair continue to fall.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Herbal supplements to stop hair loss

Hair loss affects everybody, young and old, and people who have family history are more prone to this problem.   Hair loss is a very common disease, which is often found in men and it is due to hereditary factors and ageing. Hair loss is the male pattern baldness and men who have this type of hair loss start losing their hair at an early age which then leads to baldness. In male-pattern baldness, hair loss typically results in a receding hairline and baldness on the top of the head.    In women, hair loss is different as they usually suffer from thinning of hair.  Women’s scalp is not completely removed of hair like in men.  

Hair loss can be embarrassing as it affects the entire look and personality of a person; some try to hide it and others cover it with scarves or hats. The main reason behind the loss of hair is hormone related problems, which is genetic. It stems from a genetic predisposition for a by-product of male hormone testosterone, called DiHydro Testosterone (DHT) which resides in the scalp.   Dandruff is also one of the main cause behind loss of hair in men and women both.   Poor digestion, high fever, thyroid disease, medication, stress, hair styling methods, poor nutrition is some of the other reasons behind hair loss.  

Today many people are choosing herbal anti hair loss supplements as they are natural and safe.  They work by increasing circulation, disinfecting the scalp, lowering DHT level and stimulating hair growth.  Use an effective hair loss remedy which is natural with no side-effects and you will notice the difference within a short time.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Natural and effective hair loss remedy

Alopecia or hair loss can reduce a full head entirely bald.  Male pattern baldness which is a hereditary problem is the most common cause of hair loss in men where hair loss typically results in a receding hairline and baldness on the top of the head. Men who start losing their hair at an early age tend to develop widespread baldness.  In women, hair loss is different where they usually suffer from thinning of hair.

Poor nutrition, digestion, stress, are some of the reasons behind hair loss.  Dandruff is also one of the main causes behind loss of hair in men and women which causes thinning and loss of hair. The main reason behind the loss of hair is hormone related problems, which is genetic and stems from a genetic predisposition for a by-product of male hormone testosterone, called DHT which stays in the scalp and if it is present at high levels, the hair follicles tend to increase their time of dormancy and decrease their time of growth, which leads to hair fall in both men and women.  Iron deficiency, nervous rubbing of the scalp, wearing tight-fitting bike helmets and   hair styling methods which have been carried out incorrectly can also be the reasons for hair loss.

If you are suffering from hair loss, then try herbal anti hair loss supplement which are natural and safe unlike the damaging synthetic methods which may be a risk and cause harmful side-effects.  These supplements contain herbal extracts which deals with the problem effectively and helps arrest hair fall and regrowth of hair.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Easy and safe remedies to stop hair loss and restore hair growth

Many people suffer from hair loss – men and women.  The most common type of hair loss is male pattern baldness which starts at the temples and works its way back and can start with a bald patch on top of the head and from there it spreads and this is normally a hereditary problem.  Even women suffer from female pattern baldness which is also same as the male baldness and it normally occurs when women reach menopause as they stop producing estrogen thereby causing the hair to thin and fall out. The other causes of hair loss are certain illnesses like the liver, kidney, thyroid, diabetes, etc., fungal infections, hormonal changes and more.

Hair is a part of the body and hence care should be taken to maintain it.  Avoid chemicals which are normally used to straighten the hair, avoid high temperature curling iron, do not pull your hair as it can damage the scalp, avoid metal combs and don’t use your fingernails while washing your hair.  Eat healthy nourished food, exercise regularly and try and remain stress free to keep hair loss to the minimum.

Excessive hair loss affects a person’s self-image and personality and today many are opting for a safe and effective natural anti-hair loss remedy to restore the hair to optimal health. Herbal remedies for hair loss help stimulate hair growth and keep the hair and scalp healthy to stop falling of hair.  Herbal anti hair loss supplements help stimulate hair follicles and stops baldness by blocking the hormone DHT thereby strengthening and promoting new hair growth.